Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems Energy Management SystemsAn Energy Management System automates the control of power hungry systems.

An Energy Management System is designed specifically for the system building or buildings being managed. Automated control can be applied to the heating, ventilation and lighting needs of a building or group of buildings such as university campuses, office buildings or factories.

The management system allows authorised users to control non-critical loads. These loads can be switched off automatically when not required or when certain pre-set conditions are met. For example; if the maximum load of an electricity supply is 100AMPS per phase and a financial penalty is applied by the energy supplier if this load is exceeded, then it would be financially prudent to automatically shed load in a timely manner that is not essential and will not adversely affect production or safety.

On a smaller scale an energy management system could control a swimming pool heating and pump system or a lighting and ventilation system in a car park.

Lighting, heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, compressors and other energy intensive equipment or systems within a building or site can all benefit from an energy management system.

All of our energy management systems are designed to provide pay back within a 12 – 24month period.

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