Automatic refrigeration monitoring system

Ventam Systems automatic refrigeration monitoring system enables you to comply with legislation and the requirements of HACCP to check the temperature of fridges and freezers regularly and to keep these records for inspection. Web based access to current and historical temperature records and the ability to instantly download data wherever you are at anytime.

Hazard Analysis (HACCP)

HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

A key requirement of HACCP is the need to actually check the temperature of fridges and freezers regularly and to keep these records for inspection. In a busy kitchen, especially during staff changeover periods or when regular staff is on holiday, it can be a challenge to ensure that regulations are strictly complied with.


What is the law relating to temperature of stored food?

Food temperature controls were brought into effect by the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995, now incorporated into the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006.

It is vital that your refrigerator operates at the appropriate temperature, which for food refrigeration is between +1°C and +4°C.

Freezers should be maintained at -18°C or below.

It is vital that you can prove that you have checked and recorded temperature of refrigeration units regularly if your food storage history is questioned by any Authority.


An automated system reduces the risks and provides additional benefits such as;

  • Web based access for management for inspection at any time, day or night.
  • Downloadable records of temperature readings in all refrigeration units.
  • Automatic Alarms by email and SMS if the recorded temperature is too high.
  • Automatic Alarms by email and SMS if the recorded temperature is too low.
  • Twenty-four hour, three hundred and sixty five days per year monitoring and
    reporting, so you are protected during weekends, school holiday periods etc.
  • Power failure notification by email or SMS.
  • Energy saving and C02 emission reductions can be made by ensuring that freezers
    and fridges are operating at the safe legal minimum temperatures.
    Fridges and freezers frequently develop thermostat or control faults resulting in excessive cooling which increases power consumption generating higher running and maintenance costs. The Ventam monitoring system provides live and up to date temperature recording data so that faults can be rectified immediately.
  • During it's lifetime the energy costs of a new refrigeration system will be several
    times greater than the original purchase price. So saving energy could actually
    pay for the cost of your equipment.
  • Download directly to a remote Personal Computer.

HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.
What does this mean?

HACCP is a production control system for the food industry.

It is a process that identifies where potential contamination may occur (the critical control points or CCPs) and strictly manages and monitors these points as a way of ensuring the process is controlled and that the safest product possible is being produced.

HACCP is designed to prevent potential hazards. This keeps your customers safe and protects your business interests. Everyone benefits with HACCP.

New food hygiene laws have applied in the UK since 1 January 2006. They affect all food businesses, including caterers, primary producers (such as farmers), manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 it is a legal requirement for Food business operators to put into place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure based on the principles of hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP).


How are catering businesses are affected by the new regulations?

Catering businesses must have a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP.

They are required to produce food that is safe to eat, but the new regulations say that catering businesses must be able to show what they do to make food safely – and have this written down and recorded.

Due diligence
Proper attention must be paid to monitoring practices. Not only will monitoring be necessary to demonstrate "due diligence" with the requirements of current Regulations, but all caterers will find that correct temperature control will be a critical step identified in the hazard analysis of their operation.

It is now a legal requirement that such critical steps are monitored under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006. Caterers will therefore come under increasing pressure to provide accurate and meaningful temperature records.

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