Ventam 65 Mechanical Handling Equipment


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The Ventam 65 MHE Charging Interlock system – This system will interlock the extraction fan in a battery charging room to the electrical supply to the battery charger circuits. If the extraction fan is not turned on or if it fails in service, the charging circuit will be isolated and the panel will indicate both “Fan Off” and “Charger Power Off”. Each time the fan is stopped or the emergency stop button is pressed the “Charger Power Reset” pushbutton must be pressed to reset the system. Fan status indication, charger circuit indication and the emergency stop button are fitted to the panel front.

This system is required to extract gases produced during battery charging and is suitable for any similar system.

Please contact if a quotation for extraction ducting system is also required. We can install and commission the MHE Charging interlock system if required.

Benefits include the following:

  • Fans ON / OFF indication
  • Power ON / OFF indication
  • Service key switch to bypass fan sensor circuit for commissioning and testing
  • Service ON indication and audible alert
  • Manual panel push-button reset required every time to charge power is reinstated after fans OFF or Emergency Stop activated
  • Built in Emergency Stop button
  • Remote indication of Emergency Stop and Fans ON / OFF
  • Integral additional remote Emergency Stop button circuit
  • “Emergency Stop” circuit operated indication
  • Remote emergency stop buttons, gas detectors etc may be connected to the panel remote e-stop circuit.