Ventam 85 C/W 1¼ Inch Gas Proving Valve


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You will require an air pressure switch or a current monitoring device for this system you can find this in the ‘Accessories category’.

The Ventam 85 gas proving and interlock system provide TWO functions in ONE unit. It is an interlock system that cuts off the supply of gas to appliances if the mechanical ventilation system is not operating at a predetermined level. It will also not allow the gas valve to open to appliances if any appliance is not isolated.

A gas proving system is required if ANY gas appliance does not have flame supervision fitted. The Ventam 85 is supplied with the gas proving valve to the size you require and also with either an extract fan pressure switch kit or a fan motor current monitor.

The gas proving valve assembly includes a main gas valve, weep bypass valve and gas proving pressure switch.

Benefits include the following:

Simple and cost-effective solution to provide ventilation interlock and gas proving in one unit.

  • Fans ON / OFF indication.
  • Gas ON / OFF indication.
  • Manual panel push-button reset is required every time gas is reinstated after fans OFF OR when the Emergency Stop is activated OR when the gas proving pressure switch detects low gas supply pressure.
  • Built in Emergency Stop button.
  • Remote indication of ‘Emergency Stop operated’ and Fans ON / OFF.
  • Integral additional remote Emergency Stop button circuit.
  • “Emergency Stop circuit operated’’ indication.