Ventam 76 Automatic Interlock System

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Ventam 76 and 86 moderate the speed of fans in proportion to actual gas consumption, kitchen temperature & humidity. (In addition to interlock and gas proving!)

This is a demand-based ventilation control and interlock system. This provides automatic regulation of the extract and supply air system in proportion to actual real-time gas consumption. It will also cut off the supply of gas should the mechanical ventilation system fail.

This is an energy efficient system that reduces electricity consumption and CO2 emissions by varying ventilation flow rates to suit the varying demand. It also reduces ambient heating costs by reducing unnecessary air extraction.

Benefits include the following:

  • Automatically varies the extract fan speed and the fresh air fan speed in proportion to actual gas consumption.
  • Relieves staff of the responsibility to adjust the fan speed in proportion to increased/decreased gas consumption.
  • Reduced heat loss due to excessive air extraction which will reduce electricity charges and CO2 emissions. This heat loss is not limited to the kitchen are – heat from the dining area is also extracted and often heat from adjoining corridors is also extracted unnecessarily.
  • Lower fan speeds result in reduced electricity costs which will reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced staff complaints of the kitchen being too cold to work in due to excessive and unnecessary ventilation.
  • Increased life of mechanical fan components.
  • CE certified products.
  • The system is “on site” programmable for actual site gas consumption.
  • Key operated service timer that requires manual reset after 12 hours.
  • Sensor fault indication.
  • Fans ON / OFF indication.
  • Gas ON / OFF indication.
  • Emergency Stop operated indication.
  • Service operated indication and intermittent buzzer.
  • Automatic “Direct Inputs” from room thermostat or other devices to override automatic functions.